Welcome. Children of the earth, I come to you now that you may understand the directional beings that you are.  

I am Rodan, but I am also beyond Rodan. For Rodan is a teacher. Rodan is a strategist. It is now that you need to move forward o the teachers to the spirit of the soul, whatever it is you choose to name. For understanding, a name is only a name. Bucket is a bucket, if you call it a rose, or a tulip, it is still a bucket. It does not alter its reality.

 However, if you were to raise a vibration, that alters the reality. Something that is static has a set pattern, a set vibration that cannot change. When you melt a plastic bucket you still have a plastic bucket,…for its vibration does not change. Its shape changes, but not the vibration. If you were to break down a rose you still have the vibration of a rose, but you have the inner vibrations that are released. The essence of the rose, the perfume of the rose, the healing values, and quantities and qualities, are all different vibrational essences held within that rose. So be aware that many things go by many names, but unless they have a vibration that alters, they are no concern for you, or no use to you, for they have no life force. Life force is vibration, and a vibration has to move, it has to be in action, otherwise it is not a life force, and is definitely not a vibration. There are many beings on the planet at this time who are aiming for  wha tthey call ascension.

They see it as a gift, which it definitely is, but is a gift that you earn. It is not something that is given to you. It is like respect, it must be earned, and you earn as you learn and learn as you earn. The knowledge that comes with ascending or ascension, is in reality different than some expectations. Ascension is about moving through vibrational energies. It is, if you wish, the ladder to heaven, the stairway to heaven, whichever way you call it. .It is a step by step process. And once you leave one vibrational level, it is difficult to go back. It is always harder to go forward than to go back, but once you have gone forward, many find if they go backwards they become overwhelmed y what they have lost. They may not be outwardly aware of what they have lost, but they become over whelmed by this loss and they must be seen and guided through this process ,through the process of loss, so that they may reach the vibration that they moved back from.

Fear is the enemy of all things and fear is what restricts the balance of vibrational ascension. I’m not sure I like that word ascension but for now it covers a multitude of possibilities. For each being came to this planet for one reason, one reason only. To grow into their truth, to grow into themself, to reconnect and become whole.

You may wonder at times that which is known as divine attachment. Some people have such a connection with the divine that it is all encompassing, and they reach and strive for that connection ever after. They may not reach it. For once you have reached a pinnacle there is an alteration. You may compare it to a drug addict if you choose, and I know I choose these words for a reason. The first hit, as you call it, may open a world of wonder, may literally blow your brain where you are involved in great psychedelic experiences, and so they attempt to reproduce that experience, over and over again, but it is an impossibility. For you can only reach that experience once. Anything else becomes less, and it is this with people who reach the spirituality. They reach a centre point, and they believe that is the be and end all and they continue to find ways to go back to that point. The reality is you have passed that point and you need to continue forward so that your clarity becomes stronger, so that you go beyond the soul. Aha, beyond the soul? Indeed. When you walk the path of love you are creating a preparation, and it is a beginning, not an ending. You move into compassion and grace. And then, you move forward again. We will speak of this as time evolves and as time comes forward. I speak as Rodan, but not as Rodan. Rodan in another life and another time, if you will, the soul of Rodan, for Rodan is a strategist and it is his duty at this time,

in that space to secure the safety of the planet. Unknown to many upon this planet there is struggle, a war if you choose, between intergalactic beings. The prize being earth. You are being kept safe, you are being protected. Rodan is a strategist and Rodan brought the peace keeping force to earth so that you would remain safe and secure. When we spoke of evicting during the intense time of the eclipse, it was a battle won. Battles are not always with physical weapons. Some of the battles being fought over and on this planet are with spirit, with the mind. Interaction of the minds, like, the mind playing chess. Placid, calm, but in deadly earnest.

Q A: Rodan –ask a question. When we do healing on people, does that raise the vibration of the person and yourself as well?

Energy healing? If you are not tuned to a higher vibration then you will bring forth the level of which you are attuned to. If the person receiving the healing is not on that same level, you may raise their vibrational energy but you will not be able to raise it to yours. It matters not, for when you work with the gift of healing as you call it, it is a gift, a gift from the creator to you and a gift from you to the other being. You are working with a being, a whole being. Look at it as a sharing of a gift. We share in joy, and that which you share in joy is a blessing to all. That which you share begrudgingly damages all.

Q V: Rodan –a question about soul rescue. Maggies been having, not quite dreams, but teachings, and in some of them it seems as though souls need to rescued and brought out of perhaps a lower vibration and saved in some manner. Can you explain please?

Some beings are their own worst enemies. Some beings wrap themselves so strongly and tightly in misery and pain and shame. Shame seems to be one of the greatest downfalls of beings on this planet. Many souls wrap themselves in a space of being unworthy. The work that is continuing is about allowing these beings to see their worth, to see their value. Basically like washing their faces. Yes it is in a way, you may call it soul rescue, but it is more about allowing, assisting a being to see their true worth, and their true value. For many people upon this planet have had shame, anger, and many things thrust upon them, and they have buried them deep inside and for a person to be whole we must remove these elements. You may actually see it as cancer of the soul. If you have cancer of the body you can remove it, you can work with it, and heal. This is about removing, or healing cancers of the soul, of the spirit, the inner ailments. And yes we are in process of teaching

.Q V: You are teaching Maggie some of the steps on how to do this and is this something going to be taught to others, or us in the group?

For those who are ready to learn, we have come to a point where the channel, or the student, is ready and we are ready to teach. We cannot reach that which is not accepted, but after many battles, shall we say, we have dragged this channel reluctantly into class, kicking and screaming though it may be.

Q V: One particular teacher, or the name Kathumi important here?

The vibration of Kathumi is significant as a vibration, for the energy that is known as Kathumi is a vibrational ray of energy and is represented by many along the path. It is understandable that those who have reached beyond ascension. Those you call the ascended masters have reached beyond, they have reached compassion and they have reached grace, but they have not given up their beings work. It is for them to bring the next generation through. They are the professors, if you will.

Q V: Is this what Maggie is seeing as the teacher. She’s been given lots of, almost like a teaching scenario where she has been given instructions and shown examples of different healing and situations and asked to think about it

When a being thinks about something they open the reality. They are open to accepting the reality, to walking into that reality. If you look at different realities as an exercise. When you go into separate classrooms you have different exercise books, different tutorials. When you go through different realities, each reality is a tutorial.

Q A: Rodan, ask another question around healing? If I do healing on people I sometimes see angels and messages from passed people. Is that a pathway which is laid out for me?

Each being lays down their own pathway. Each being finds the direction that is significant to them and it is set down in a manner that is acceptable and understandable by each being. Do not question your reality. If it feels like a tight fit then move out of it, but if it feels like a comfortable fit, flow with it. Do not judge yourself, for this is not your purpose to judge yourself. It is not your purpose to judge others. It is your purpose to allow energy to flow, to open a doorway so that beings may find their way home.

Q V: Rodan are we being prepared for another Attunement

I almost laughed. For do you think we would leave you behind? You are being prepared to learn. Because you have an open being, an open mind, you are being prepared to learn. As you go through school, high school, university, there are different levels. You are literally going through different levels. It is a simple and as difficult that some are on different levels than others. Be prepared to move forward

.Q B: Rodan -with teachings we are receiving through the transmissions with Maggie, sometimes we don’t always understand. So how can we go back to either reiterate, or to get a deeper understanding of what’s being taught, on a regular basis? Can we individually ask or can we come back to this platform?

Either, or both. If you are studying, you will return to your books, to your notes, to your teachers. You will ask, you will question. This is no different. Itis simply that you are learning a different subject. You are not expected to understand the mechanics of the universe instantly. The mechanics of the universe are millenniums old. It is going to take you time. I do understand that we expect a great deal of you, that we forget that you are the children we are the elders. We expect you to know what we know, but we understand that we must be patient. We ask that you concentrate on one thing and work through until you are comfortable, or until you can do that in your sleep, then you will learn in your sleep. For the state that you call sleep was designed for a few things. Yes, to resuscitate, to rebalance, the physical, but also that you may reach the teaching, have access to higher learning