Welcome children of the earth.

It is with great joy that I join you at this time. For we have not

had discussion in a short while. Possibly in a long while in your time frame, but just a short

while in mine. I am the Magdalena or that which you know as the Magdalena. Yes, I am part

of the collective, the collective consciousness that brings forward information to the earth

plane and to the other planes. I have been resting, if you will, for a while, for there are many

things that need restoration upon this planet and beings who work with this planet come to a

space where they too need restoration. Rest to restore balance. It is at this time that I bring

you information that you may seek. Rest and restoration. It is time for each being to restore

balance and harmony to their lives and to their living.

For without harmony nothing can

change. It is in the action of harmony in the space of harmony that things grow, that the

seeds of change are planted. It is when you are in harmony and balance with the planet with

the universe and the creative force that your mind allows other beings and other entities and

other energies to forecast occurrences, but also to ignite change. To lift you into higher

energetic levels. You need harmony to be able to reach a higher plane. If you are in

disharmony with one then you are in disharmony with all. It is necessary that you seek the

path of harmony. Harmony is about joy. Joy is an incredible experience. Joy is a way of

living. Joy is a way of being. Joy is a way of seeing. If you can see and seek harmony in all

things your life will bring you into joy.

Joy is perceived in man different situations. Joy is more than you can possibly imagine. Joy

is when you touch the being of the creation. Joy is when you engage with the creation. Joy is

when you are not in charge of your emotions. Joy is when you are overwhelmingly, incredibly

peaceful and happy. And have no cause, you just are. It is the time in your being that you

reach for joy. You will understand joy as you reach higher. As each step of the higher

ascension levels become available, more joy will pour into your being. This does not mean

that you will have every little things that you desire physically, or mentally, or emotionally. It is

not about things, it is about being. The joy of being, the joy of life the joy of love, the joy of

acceptance. Simplicity in itself. It is my gift to be bring joy to the planet at this time, and it is

their gift to me that I may seek this joy and share in this joy. For all emotion is shared and

expanded upon. As you reach a higher vibration so do you reach higher emotions. The base

emotions drift away.

You will discover as you reach these higher levels that beings, human and otherwise that

have no space in your world anymore will fade away. There will be no dissention, they will

just drift away and other beings will take their place. When we say other beings, we don’t

necessarily mean humans. For all beings and all life have a centre and all their beings and

all life are vibrational energy. It is for you to seek your centre and see where their energetic

levels lie for you. We ask at this time that you seek to understand your self. That you seek to

realize that what you need is joy, is love, is peace, is harmony. We ask that you seek to

eradicate the false emotions from your being, the guilt, the despair. These are false

emotions. Anger, is a false emotion, it is a fostered emotion. We do understand that you

cannot greet all situations with love. But you can respond to all situations with love. Love is

not fuzzy. Love can be tough, love can be the hardest lesson that you will ever have to learn,

or ever have to teach. But it will be the most joyous, the most uplifting and the most centred

emotion you will ever react to.

Love is all there is at the base line. When you think of creation, think love. When you look

into the universe, the vastness, see love, for love is all there is. For love is the point of

creation. It is also the beginning and the end. The alpha and omega. Love is all there is.

Q J: Why do humans put so much work into each day?

Because they don’t understand that it is not necessary. Humans have been trained, if you

will, that they must work hard for a gain. They have not been allowed to accept that joy is

their right, that peace is their right. That they have no necessity to work 24 hours in each

day. They have a right to peace and joy. Humans must learn to balance themselves and to

balance their way of living. Humanity works for things. But the more things a human gather,

the more things a human wants and because of this, the less time and joy the human has.

Q V: Can I ask about the idea of cord cutting, any thoughts of this?

Cord cutting is a name for many actions. Simplistically, it is to release some thing that ties

you down or something that is tied to you. Be it a thought, a memory, a person, an emotion,

a reaction. It is about releasing and letting that go. It is about not allowing simplistic things to

become difficult. It is about not letting the little grow into the magnet. Once something is

magnified it magnifies, and magnifies and magnifies. A load that began as a pebble becomes

tons of rock. It is about letting things go. It is about not allowing yourself to carry a load.

You each are a being of light, and light was never meant to carry weight. For light cannot

carry weight. When you burden yourself with the significant dramas and events of others you

dim the light, you add weight to your human frailty.

Q V: Any thoughts about our personal power in action?

Child, each of you was born free. Each of you were created free. Every human spirit is free.

You just simply need to accept that, to understand that no one has the right impose issues

upon you or boundaries. This does not mean that you walk over people. It literally means

that you accept who you are. The power that you were created with, the power of being the

power of love, the power of light. The balance of harmony. You were created a free spirit. Do

not allow that spirit to be dampened or chained, for then you cannot reach where you were

meant to be.

Power can be many things. Power can be heady, it can be exciting. It can be passionate, it

can be gentle and it can be peaceful. It can be aggressive. Power in action depends upon

the mind set of the human.

Q J: How do we obtain our power?

Acceptance, acceptance of who you are. Where you came from. Where the creative is Acceptance