Welcome children. It is time for we and you to share some information and some
knowledge, and some together time. This has become, almost like a social occasion
for many of us and we are very pleased to accept you into our circle. For you are
becoming part of the collective consciousness. It is very necessary that this
consciousness expands and become huge, becomes bigger and stronger, and more
than it is. It is important that everything becomes more. This is a community that
echoes more. More love, more joy, more understanding, more consciousness, more
sharing, more love. Whereas the human physical at this time and their mentality is
connected to me, me, me, I, I, I. We ask if you turn ME upside down, you have WE.
We, is a space where you need to exist. For when you exist as we, you exist as part
of the collective, part of the whole, part of all that is, part of the foundation. It is
hugely responsibility that comes your way at this time. For there are many changes
upon the physical and upon the spiritual, and upon the energetic, and the
electromagnetic energies that surround your planet and thus interact with your being.
You are trained to suggest that you are a physical being, or the spirit lives separately.
The spirit is not separate from the physical. The spirit holds the physical. As a
physical body wears clothes, so the spiritual body wears the physical body. It is a
manner of speaking. Your physical, your spiritual, your electromagnetic, your
romantic – ahhhh. You have never thought of a romantic physicality before, except in
the manner of one on one.
Romance is about being open to love. Your romantic body is your body that accepts
love. It is a part of your energetic being that controls, or activates love within each
being. It allows you to understand love in all its forms. There are many who
understand love at a base form. The very basest form of love and there are those
that understand love at its highest octave. It is for the highest octave that we are
aiming. When you aim for the higher octaves of love then you become more
connected. Romance is the joy of love. It is the understanding of another being. It is
the openness of love. When you are open to love then you understand your heart.
When you understand our heart, you are open to the understanding of others. When
you connect heart to heart where romance becomes part of you, when you allow
romance to surface and to shine in your world, in your life, then many things change,
for you are working with the higher octaves of love. Romance is not a sexuality
Romance is a connection with the soul of the spirit. It is the connection of divinity.
Romance is about joy. Romance is about healing, romance is about sharing.
Romance is the joy of a flower, a sunset, a sunrise, of a new born babe. Romance is
the joy of a first kiss. Romance is the sharing of heart to heart. Romance is
important. It is significant that you allow romance to surface in your life. Romance
may be a beloved grandchild who offers you a flower. It may be someone you have
never known, or do not know, who offers you a smile, for romance lights hearts, and
when the heart is lit it sheds light and shines on many.

It is time to release the image that you hold of falling in love. One doesn’t fall in love,
one embraces romance, and then embodies it in one being. It is significant that you
understand that you cannot or will not embrace love, or romance in one being, for
love is eternal, and love has no beginning and has no end. Love is a situation that
exists. It is a vibration that does not change. There are base notes and there are
high notes. It is to the highest note that the vibration exists and it is this vibration that
you need to reach for.
Listen to the music that speaks of romance to your soul. It speaks to you. For music
is frequency, and romance has a frequency. Romantic love as you know it in the
physical is not romantic love. It is often the dizziness and uncertainty that one being
reaches out to another, and they feel that that being is all there is, their perfect one,
their other half. You are the other half of you. You are not chopped into pieces. You
are whole. When your harmonies are balanced, and when you are in complete
balance with the frequency that is your soul, then you will understand. You will
understand the romantic journey within yourself.
Surround yourself with that which speaks of romance to you. Not that which speaks
of romance to another, and do not expect romance from another. There are
wonderful exceptions when you are greeted with someone that gives you peace and
absolute joy. It is a wonderful experience to be accepted exactly how you are. That
is true romance. That is true love. For you are a being of light and light is love.
Reach for the highest point. Surround your self with the energy and frequencies of
romance and love and all will change.
It is part of the human experience to lean towards a partnership. The divine
partnership is the partnership of your being. It is when the whole comes together. It is
when you accept yourself completely. It is when you are completely bathed in the
power of love, when you are connected to the divinity of creation, when you
understand your own divinity. And when you accept your own divinity, this then is the