A Session like no other!

This is a session like no other.
If you are looking for clarity and guidance, these advanced session are truly life changing.
There are two types of medium ship-
The medium – Hears. Sees. Smells, whatever and then passes the information to a third party.
Trance is when the Medium allows another entity or being to speak through them.
In fact it is like vacating a room and allowing someone else to take up residence for a short while! I have come to know who I can allow access to, who to allow to walk in and have the use of my bodily functions for short periods of time. During sessions I can channel three or four entities. We each have guardians on many levels.
I have found – Some have had earth incarnations | Some are pure Spirit | Some are pure energy | Some are colour
Some are vibrations | Some are light beings | Some are intergalactic. However, whoever comes through I find that they gift guidance and confidence to the person in question. ‘They’ tend to answer questions before they are asked. For myself these sessions take a huge amount of energy

What to expect during a session

Go in totally open and you will be amazed at the depth of feelings and emotion these sessions can bring up.
You will meet the guides you need at the time. You will receive information on how to prepare for your reading.
This is a unique and special meeting one on one with your guides so prepare like it is an important life event
To open the session we will have a brief chat  where I  will outline what may happen and when to ask questions etc.
I will then take a few minutes to prepare the body so the guides can have access and then the channeling begins and continues until the guides decide the body has had enough so to speak. Your session will have been recorded and emailed to you via the magic of Dropbox. After this session we can then discuss the event and if I can answer what questions you may have.

 Sessions can vary in time  from one and a half to two hours.
Availability is strictly limited due to the preparation time needed and the recovery period.
These are life changing sessions and due to the intensity of the session and the energy it takes to channel,there are only a few spots available weekly so bookings in must be in advance. There is already a waiting list so please contact via email or phone for session details.