I have been running this statement through my mind from time to time the last few days, but being unwell have not listened to the advice given

Also Anita I have been questioning WHY you keep going back to asking questions about healing process, when we are on totally different subjects

Now I must confess I have found this irritating… bit like that grain of sand that keeps pushing away at the oyster, to create that pearl.

I have discovered pearls come in many shapes and forms


Early this morning I was ‘called’ as usual with the weird sound vibe… and I woke up to do class.

The phrase ask and it is given was playing in my head.. so as I am learning to do… I let it happen

I found myself on a bus with indigenous children and at first it was all laughter and play… duck down so your mama can’t see you are on the bus

We were headed for Broome and it was fun and over the top

Gradually things settled a bit and the children began to settle down… to become accepting of the journey

Somehow it switched to the market strip in Broome and a little boy around 6/7 came up to me

He was shouting out phrases

How we going to know anything

I can’t do anything right

What my mama say is good.. is hurting me

Why am I so angry

And on and on it went ,, a litany of despair and depression and deep bone sadness

I floated up and said to him and the others .. this is how you do it

That went down well… not… like ok lady strut your stuff… but where does that leave us?

From behind me came a voice Lift him up

So I hugged this little one and slowly . slowly we both began to lift from the ground.. little by little we raised higher together… until he was laughing and clapping

Ok, we didn’t lift very high but I was given the knowledge of little by little we can hold each other up and lift others to a higher place

Then it was back to the ‘classroom’

The explanation and Anita’s answer .. how do we heal

We were shown graphs .. but they were moving , flowing .. interacting

First a soul flying free… images of flowing energies, blending like a beautiful dance

Then we were instructed to follow one image as it descended into the physical

This was fascinating to say the least

As this bright dancing image descended it picked up what appeared to be dust, and thus began duller and slower .. the lower it got

We were shown this is the soul taking up the energies and frequencies it passes through

A bit like picking up stuff that we need to deal with on this journey

It showed a pretty clear picture of how we accumulate stuff … and like all things that collect dust we need to be aware and clear the dust

Next was to follow the being as it journeyed and returned to the Source

Take off was really slow.. and did a few stalls along the way

But gradually lifted above the heavy energy and broke free

Now how does this relate to the healing question

Each time we receive or give a healing session it is about clearing the dust… about removing the stuff that is holding the being down… to make their load lighter

Seems easy when it is broken down… but it is a necessary part of the process…

We don’t know nor do we need to know what the heaviness is … we simply enable beings to lift a little higher and the healing gives the energy and vibration for them to do so

The greatest thing I gained through this class was to accept that all things will be clear if I get out of my own way and let it happen

Thank you Anita for your persistence