Gypsy Maggie Rose

Welcome to My World.

 It is with deep gratitude that I walk this path.

 I am honoured to be trusted with your loved ones....

 and deeply humbled to be allowed to walk between the worlds...

 My journey is your journey..............


 Gypsy Maggie Rose

Gypsy Maggie Rose

Gypsy Maggie Rose is a 7th Generation Psychic Medium and Urban Shaman. Recognised as one of Australia's leading mediums and clairvoyants, she was taught the ways of her people, Romany, by her Grandmother “The Great Catherine Mochan” who was also a gifted healer and herbalist.

Gypsy Maggie Rose travels the world presenting the very popular event "Messages from Heaven" connecting people with their lost loved ones in spirit.
Her gifts as a psychic medium are allowing many people from all over the world to find comfort and peace through her readings.

Maggie is in constant demand for

Personal Psychic Readings, Past Life Readings, Psychic Dinners, Ghost Tours, Moon Lodge, Urban Shaman Courses and Spiritual Retreats.

Maggie is a gifted writer and shares her visions and messages with the world through her blog,
"Gypsy Maggie Rose ~ Beyond the Veil.

Immerse yourself in  Gypsy Maggie Rose's world……connect with loved ones past.

Receive guidance and direction for your own journey………….

The unbelievable insight and psychic medium abilities of Gypsy Maggie Rose will change your life forever!

Contact Gypsy Maggie Rose to experience her incredible gifts.

Readings are also available via SKYPE so no matter where you are in
the can still enjoy a reading with Maggie.

To read more about Gypsy Maggie Roses journey, visit her blog.

Call 040 717 78 71

or for more information


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