JUNE 2021


Just when you think, you are done, can’t deal with anymore, the sun comes out to play.  Slowly but surely, things take a turn for the better, and while things may still appear a tad scary, you’re back in the drivers seat.  Take things one step at a time , allow things to come to you


Truth and the games people play, have been a huge part of the last cycle, now it is time to ‘turn’ around and really face the facts.  Knowing who you can trust, allows you to deal with issues, and release others.  It is time to take a chance on loving yourself


While they could be better, there are more options available at this time.  It is a matter of keeping your eye on the ball. And being prepared to take a huge leap of faith,  around an investment opportunity


Colour Baby Blue  Crystal Opalite


Take this time to awaken the senses, to reach out and grab opportunity as it appears.  Try not to get caught up in the how and they why, details can be dealt with later.  For now, dig deep and bring those dreams and ‘what ifs’ put into the open.  Really you have nothing to lose, so aim high


The world will continue, whether you deal with issues, or spit the dummy.  Really how good or shaky relationships develop is totally dependant upon your input.  The home front, can be extremely supportive, you simply have to be upfront, and deal from there


It could be the ideal time to begin a savings plan, simply because there are big things coming that you would love to be involved in.  Don’t go overboard into the realms of scrooge, just remember, if you deal with the little things, the big things will take care of themselves

7 …11 … 27 …5 … 22 …9


Colour  Purple   Crystal   Lapis Lazuli


Paying attention to health issues, may be the furthest thing from your mind, however, an once of prevention is better than years of regret.  This may be as simple as looking at diet and exercise options.  Choose a direction and vow to stick with it.  Family can be a bit touchy, right now, so tread gently


The doors are opening, to new ways of relating to others, allowing you to create better connections. The more open and accepting you are, the better opportunities , to put the past behind you. Mid month feels like party time, get ready to strut your stuff


Although temptation to re-new or apply for loans and such, can be extremely tempting, don’t go there.  You may get out of one bind, only to get caught up in another.  Stick to the budget, and if need be, reshuffle the bottom line

19 … 29 …28…7 … 16 …45

Colour  Pink   Crystal Rose Quartz


This cycle is about all things coming home to roost, the good , the bad and the indifferent.  The time of playing games, or saying nothing is done.  This cycle is all about facing a few realities, and the need to deal with long standing issues. For some it is necessary to gather ALL, the facts, and not just those that you agree with


Some relationships will heal and come back together, while others , not so much. Take the time to decipher, who and what is important to you, moving forward.  Remember everyone makes mistakes, however, that doesn’t  mean, you can’t step up and change things


Burying your head in the sand, will not make anything go away, so face reality, and deal with the options.   This is a time to toughen up as far as spending is concerned. First things first, then you can set a budget in process

6 …44 …29 …11 …34 …10

Colour Orange   Crystal Golden Topaz


There’s a time to go full steam ahead, and a time for caution, this will be your dilemma at this time.  Think things through very carefully, and don’t jump headlong into things.  A blast from the past could see you, viewing things from a different perspective. Be open to new ideas and ways of seeing things


You can only be someone’s rock for so long, then it’s time to let them step up and deal with issues. There is a fine line between, helping others and being taken advantage of,  find the middle ground.  A new friendship has amazing possibilities


Not a time to let old patterns slide, nor to take on extra commitments.  Career, changes will affect some, while others will flourish. It’s all about how you handle situations, and resist spending what you don’t have.  Not a time to push the ‘credit’ button


2 …13 ….27 ….11 …38…8

Colour Green   Crystal Rainbow Flourite


Take stock of what is and what is not, viable, then review the available options.  Making space for others to grow, is all well and good, you need however to take some space for your own growth.  It may be necessary to take action on a few fronts, to set the record straight. Not the most popular choice, but the only one


Trust issues, may be walking a fine line, but remember, everything takes its own time.  A surge of joyous re-connections, heralds a way forward.  Take things step by step, things are a tad on the fragile side, rushing in could upset the balance, patience in all things


Taking control, may be necessary, if partners are unable to curb the spending spree, or yourself for that matter.  Paying attention to what is really happening, could allow you to see areas, where expansion is possible

16 … 38 … 33 …45 …27 …13

Colour Green  Crystal  Emerald



  Wow, things may appear to have taken on a life of their own, and you are hanging on for the ride. Be prepared to make choices and decisions, on the spur of the moment.  A time to trust yourself is ever there was one.  Try not to let fears and insecurities hold you back.


Some things are simply not avoidable, you can just make the best of them.  Some partnerships will need careful scrutinizing,  so that you can decide , what is best for you.  In the big picture, your happiness counts, so make it a priority


Some areas are actually picking up and moving forward, however, not a time to go for broke, just yet.  Some big financial commitments are on the horizon, so be prepared to wheel and deal.  A small win mid-month lifts the bottom line

 22 …37 … 12 …44 …16 …20

Colour Silver    Crystal Pyrite



Time to re-access your priorities, and make some choices, what does and what does not work for you.  Reaching out to others is not a weakness, so if you need help .. ask.  A time when sudden changes , can literally change your world.  So, try not to second guess reactions.. just do what you need for you


Things may be a bit shaky around the edges, especially your relationship with yourself.  It is important to remember , you have the right to choices and an opinion of your own.  The days of being a push over needs to end.  Be gentle with yourself and firm with others


Take things one day at a time, stressing will solve nothing.  There are opportunities to expand the income levels, you just have to bite the bullet and go for it.  A small increase, lifts anxious moments

27 …35 …23 …36 …13 …3

Colour Lilac     Crystal Sodalite



Catching up and moving on, are the key words for this time.  A bitter sweet time in many ways, but also filled with love and laughter.  Try to take time to process issues, before moving on to the next.  A bit like overload, so be sure to factor in plenty of rest time.  Not a time to be stubborn, done is done, let go and move on


Creating space for new relationships, may appear daunting, however it will be extremely fruitful.  Take time to deal with your relationship with yourself, and if need be, adjust the expectations.  After all they are in your hands


Same old, same old until around mid month, when an increase , is very welcome.  Try not to see the cup as half full, the benefits are still pouring ..  so to speak… your cup will fill.  Just be careful not to take out more than you put in

26 …17 …11 … 45  …. 6 …13

Colour Lemon     Crystal  Lemon Citrine



Adjustments may cause some friction, but, do you really have others choices?  Dealing with one thing at a time, could take the pressure down a tad.  Accepting that you can only do so much, allows you to make plans, even if they change.  Everything needs a starting point, and you need to stop allowing others to move the goal posts



You need to take the time to prioritize what is important to you, where you can be the most effective, and where you are being walked over… then you can make the hard choices.  Understand all things pass, given enough time. Ask for support if you need to


Steady, steady is good, as long as you don’t blow the budget mid month.  Some will have opportunity for career changes, while others could see a promotion.  This is a time of forward moving, so enjoy

12 …  36 …11 …39  …44…5

Colour Peach    Crystal  Peach Moonstone


Take things step by step, and don’t let the stress get to you, at this busy frantic time.  Be prepared to shift and change at a moments notice, trusting that things will sort out, in the long run.  A time to simply take things as they come, and not to take on more than you can comfortably deal with


While things are a bit like huge waves at the moment, the calm is coming.  Ride the rough times and surf home on the gentle swell.  Emotions are a bit all over the place, and you may need to intervene a few times, bottom line, look out for your happy place


Some things simply cost, and that’s all there is to it, however, try to keep a reign on unnecessary spending.  Remember budget does not mean, lesser quality.  This time is about shopping for bargains and short cuts

14 …45 …9 …33 …17 …11

Colour Red  Crystal  Diamond


Some things change, some stay the same, however you need to make some firm choices and draw a few lines in the sand.  Deciding how you want to live is paramount, things simply cannot slide along any longer.  It may be a tough call, but you may not have many other options other than shape up or ship out


Significant relationships come under the microscope, and, simply demand to be sorted. While the truth may be hard to accept, it needs to be faced and dealt with.  Taking control of your personal emotional well being is an absolute must


Some areas see a slight improvement, while others could go off on a tangent of their own.  There needs to be a balance.  For those interested in investments, this proves to be an extremely profitable time … quick in and out options

27 …38 …4 … 17 …20 …28

Colour  Grey   Crystal  Tiger Iron