Child it is long we have waited for you to answer our call, now we sit one with the other in communion

We say to you now the work begins

There are many changes afloat and the people are struggling to keep balance

It is like unto a ship tossed on stormy unfamiliar waters

Know that as a ship needs a captain and navigator to see it safely through the turmoil, so to do the people

We are the captains and those like unto yourself are the navigators

For at this time much is at stake

The planet is reeling with the onslaught of energies that bombard it now

There is a need for this to be grounded and stabilized, and that is the direction of many

As in a ship , it is the captain who directs, but each crew member has a role to play… so it is with the Earth plane.  As crew each of you have a role to play, and that role is vital to the well being of the whole


Many things are fast moving and over before it comes into your conscious awareness.   At this time the planet itself is going through a time of transformation, stretching and testing its strengths , if you will

As the sister planets , begin their march,so do does the Earth move forward

Old knowledge is re-awakening in many places and many have chosen to return from other dimensions at this time

Earth is in process of re-birthing, and any birth  is a time of mixed emotions.  As the vibration or contractions stretch and push life forward, it can become somewhat uncomfortable As in birth there is a breaking of the waters,  a release really  … so to shall Earth release the pressures of Her waters which will manifest as floods, dams breaking, ice flows moving.  As the breaking of the waters prepares the way for a child, so does Earth’s waters prepare the way for new life.  New but different . As the contractions of birth, push and squeeze forth the child, so will Earth labor , and the pushing and squeezing will be seen in earth movement, quakes and

Many healing hands will assist and guide this process

As a Mother is assisted by healing hands, so will energies and energy beings ‘rub Earth’s back’ so to speak

As the breath assists the birthing mother , so does the breath of the Universe assist Earth’s re-birth

All birth brings forth blood and fear, so it will be with Earth

There will be times when blood flows over the land and many will give way to fear.

Some birthing mothers use drugs of oblivion, so to do many who walk the Earth

The act of birthing is foreign to them, and they wish to be removed from the process, a bystander

Receiving but not partaking

This removes the link, the joining, but also the responsibility

To be a part of Earth’s re-birthing you must accept all things

The midwives of Earth’s re-birth are inter-planetary, and as you trust the staff at your birthing , so to must you trust the wisdom  and experience of those who act as midwife at this time

This is a process in which all can participate, and assist wtih

Imagine if you will two mothers struggling to bring forth life

The first mother is unkempt, and has not received appropriate care   She is fearful , angry at this unwanted burden, ignorant , in pain

No-one cares , and those around her are equally fearful and filled with despair, they see the coming life , as an added burden, another who will take that which should be theirs

The mother goes from fear to terror as the process continues, and with the birthing gives up her essence, in a wash of blood

Earth has been through this type of birthing….. It is a part of your history… if you but have eyes to see it

The second mother, is cared for, love , cleansed and informed.  She is totally aware of the process and has prepared for this time with love and joyous expectation

She is surrounded by caring , supportive people, who are eager to greet the new being

They bring gifts and love

This is a time of expectation of another being to love and care for , and every measure is taken to ensure the comfort and safety of both

We say to you, this is the birthing Earth awaits

The process has begun, and we will work tirelessly to make the transition as stress free as possible

Each individual has a part to play in this re-birthing … you are the bearers of the love and gifts to the New Earth

It is by  the diligence and love of each , that the trauma of the process will be eased

And having completed confinement , the Earth and her people will sing with joy… laugh in delight and wonder in awe at the new being

Earth will still be Earth, as a child is still a child, with traces of parents, grandparents and family

So to will Earth be recognised by familiar traits…. but as with the newborn… rearranged and presented in a different blended  form

The same but different, new but instantly recognised

You must prepare for the re-birthing much as you would a new child

Gather all you need, in the way of shelter, covering and food… for this brings a time to be prepared

Emotions need also to be prepared, and remember Knowledge is the greatest weapon you hold

People die more because of fear and ignorance, than of anything else

Remember there are many forms of death, and not all relate to the  passing of the physical body


The knowledge you seek lies within the stars

Within the rhythm of the Universe and beyond.  for this is not the only universe, as you will come to understand in the fullness of time

Look deeply within your mythology , for story carries great wisdom, if you but have eyes to see it

Your skies could be likened unto a library….. a holder of knowledge

But as with a library, if the books are new opened the knowledge sits inert…. and inertia is death

Many books also hold foolish fancy, as do some star mythology

Sift carefully through that which is presented , then find your own truths

For what holds true for you now, may not , in fact we venture to say will not… hold true in the future

Echoes of the original truth, maybe    But as one grows in knowledge, so there is a corresponding growth in understanding

Acceptance is not an automatic response, you no longer sit in awe of the written word

You filter, and sift, as if panning for gold

Allowing the dross to wash away and the tiny specks of truth to remain

Remember always the truth is subjective….Truth for one is not truth for all

When you as a herd reach the space of allowing each individual their truth, then will you have progressed to become individual creator beings