Intuitive therapy offers a unique way of working with the subconscious mind.

This therapy works with the body, mind, and spirit to encompass the whole. The issue, may deeply rooted , within the sub conscious. It enables you to take control of your life and empowers you to grow beyond the now, release the past, and to believe in yourself

Issues may present as

A niggly sense that all is not well, a sense of being stuck, an inability to integrate life changes

Intuitively, we uncover the bottom line and work towards your self-healing

Who can benefit from Intuitive Trance Therapy

Those dealing with

 addictions, smoking, alcohol 

Those seeking a clearing of past influences, so that they can create a new way of living

Those needing to deal with and learn processes to release ingrained patterns, both past and present

Trauma release assists in understanding, empowerment, taking back your life

Because of the Intuitive nature of these sessions, you may receive guidance and advice from those on higher planes, Angels , Spirt Guides etc.. 

What does a session involve?

A one on one consult to break down the issue into manageable sections

A session of Trance to address issues and establish belief in yourself

You will be taught process’s to  empower your new growth pattern

Yes I do work with young people, who have issues with Trauma, self esteem, fears and so much more

Cost  $150  initial consult  then we can discuss costs for ongoing sessions if needed