A Touch of Gypsy Magic

The mystery and mystique surrounding the Gypsy people is as vibrantly alive as it was in yester – year.

Under a cloak of darkness ,Mistress and Maid alike were drawn by the glow of firelight, the forbidden passion throbbing through their music, the sensual inhibition of their dance

The mysterious unknown, tugging at heartstrings, beckoning them ever forward, to dance, to have their fortunes told, and to whisper deep secrets into ancient ears

And some to sample the sweetness of a Gypsy boys kiss.

Daring and wicked they risked all to gain their hearts desire

Whispers of..

Forbidden or unrequited love

Financial issues

disharmony  in families

And much much more

They came not only in fear but in the certain knowledge that help was at hand, no questions asked

Many a maiden found her way into a lovers bed, and thus his wife

Many a gentleman recouped his losses at the gaming boards

And so the secrets of the ancient ones comes down through the mists if time, through myth and legend to Gypsy Maggie Rose

A spell or crafting is better carried out by yourself, you KNOW yourself and what your wishes are soooo, much more than anyone else

We give you the tools to access the power within, to re-create a reality

Inspiration and directions allow you to take control of your own journey

Gypsy Magic from the ancients to you,

Open the doors to love and commitment … Magic opens many doors, and allows us to reach deep within, and connect with the cycle of LOVE

This pack  puts you in the drivers seat so to speak

You will receive detailed instructions that will align you with the life you deserve,

Love and commitment go hand in hand ,

You can now take charge of your destiny…






We all deserve the Power of  Love , in our lives

The joy of sharing life with a trusted companion

The passion and empowerment of shared love


Is the modern day option with the embodiment of ancient wisdom

All you need to open the doorway for love to enter

Your beautifully presented pack contains

1..  candle   male or female  .. choice is yours  … no questions or judgement here, just an ability to enable a space for love to bloom.  Each candle is handcrafted and ritually created by an amazing High Priestess


1 … bottle of Ultimate Love Potion .. created over many months and consecrated over many full moons

Ultimate Love Potion , begins its journey, with a secret blend of herbs and spices, that are infused over many cycles of the moon, to create the ‘base’

Next comes the addition of an amazing blend of oils, each chosen for their ability to attract love, heal the heart, allow self love and so much more


1   … Copy of a secret , ancient Romany spell … let us know if you require the male or female version

You will be amazed at the Personal Power this releases

1  .. Bracelet …. Rose Quartz  and Lava Rock

The bracelet has been infused with Ultimate Love Potion, to enhance Love on all levels

To keep your awareness and intention focused

1  …Pack of Crystals chosen to enhance and enrich the Power of Love

1 … Pot of Attraction Incense  … just add to a charcoal block to release the essence of manifesting your desire

1.. Pot of activated Bath Salts … to empower yourself and awaken desire and passion

1  .. Pillow Pouch   . awaken refreshed and empowered

Pillow Pouch , gifts Self Love while you sleep

1 .. Set of easy to follow instructions

1 … Pouch… use to hold your bath blend in the bath … no bath …. use as a foot spa

1 .. Mystery gift



Weight 1.00 kg


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