Typsy Gypsy Lung Health

Have you been a smoker?

Are you still a smoker?

Do you work in a dusty workplace, factory, chemicals etc?

Well I guarantee, that your poor lungs are affected by gunk, clogged and needing a helping hand

Clear lungs allows you to activate and access a whole lot more oxygen… which boosts everything else in the body


Nature provides for every possible drama we create for our bodies

Mullein is an amazing herb that ALL lungs need at this time

Clears up the gunk that has collected through the years

Be that from smoking, smog, environmental, workplace hazzards

In fact in today’s world  simply breathing has become  a definite hazzard

So again we turn to Mother Nature to gift the answer

Lung Health is Mullein , nurtured in vodka

This is  a highly concentrated brew, so you will need to start slow and build up

3 drops 3 times a day under the tongue and you can add more as you go along

Each of us have different levels of tolerance and healing , so adapt to suit

However do not take more than 10 drops at a time



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