Soap with Attitude Honey... Tumeric ..Ginger

Crafted with love and Typsy [touch of Gypsy Magic]

This special soothing gentle soap comes in a delightful pouch that acts as a gentle exfoliate.  Also stretches the life of your hand crafted soap

Blessed with love and the energies of Sweet Orange and Ginger Oils




A beautiful soothing blend , created on a whim .. gotta love it when things simply ‘pop’ into your head, and demand to be born.

Tumeric adds the natural colour and aids in soothing achey bits along the way

I use this one every morning

Crafted using

Organic pure Honey Ground  Turmeric  Ground Ginger

The addition of Ginger and Sweet Orange oil  lifts it out of the ordinary to a space of its own

Add a little Typsy    [touch of Gypsy Magic] and this soothing soap is ready to roll


Weight 0.200 kg


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