AN amazing tincture that will give you back control of your life Ease pain and lift ‘brain fog’ and so much more All you have to loose is the pain and heaps to gain    


WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL REALMS OF NATURE AND THE JOYS OF HER HEALING ABILITIES Over the last few months I have been working on and personally trialing this Joint Formula I have been going through some pretty heavy health challenges, that the traditional way were not dealing with The biggest thing for me was lack of mobility…. I HATE being dependent… and with having to use a wheelchair to go out and about… totally p….., me off, to be honest. So I set about research, The knowledge I had and hours and hours on the Internet, to discover which herbs, spices, or resins could ‘do the job’ The results are this amazing tincture, that has literally surpassed everything I hoped it would From day one I could feel improvement, I am walking longer distances, yes, I understand it will take time to rebuild muscle and get this happening…. but the fact is …I CAN DO IT Also turning over in bed was a drama… not anymore Now I had two knee replacements around 5 years ago…. no joy… lots of pain…. now NO PAIN SO, YES, I am ready to float this amazing gift of the Earth She contains Frankincense Resin Willow Bark Tumeric Ginger Devil’s Claw Black Pepper Vodka As this is a super concentrated blend a little goes a long way 3..5 drops twice daily and you are done Now supplies are limited … but there is another batch on the brew… so either get in early or pre- order Cost $45 plus postage or you are welcome to pick up from Lynwood


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