Magical Blends Abundance

Includes Postage

Activate the energies of Abundance with this mighty little pot of energy

Embedded within blend crystals and magical incantations

Citrine attracts prosperity in all its shapes and forms

Carnelian, gifts us the courage to go for our dreams


Activate the energies of Abundance with this mighty little  Pot of Blessings

Magical Blends go on a journey , before they come into your life

  1. I gather the herbs, oils and spices needed for the blend
  2. They are then blessed and covered in oil
  3.  The blend is then allowed to infuse over many months , so that the concentrated energies of each plant is distilled into the oil
  4. Then comes the Magic
  5. The rich oil is then strained and the process continues
  6.  Herbs, Crystal Sand and Oils are added
  7.   Then and only then are the products packaged .
  8.   A final blessings to add wings to their journey , and they are ready to work their Own Kinda Magic
  9. All products come with a little TYPSY    { A touch of Gypsy Magic}

How Do These Magical Blends Work ?

These little pots carry a powerful punch, and assist in allowing us to access , higher vibrational energies

They gently go about cleansing negative energies, and attracting beneficial energy…while you sleep

The blend allows the subconscious mind to take over and do its thing, so to speak

 Crystals are embedded within the blend in the form of Crystal Sands enhance the processing of negative energies

They absorb negativity, on all levels, assisting you to have a clear base to invoke the NEW  , and create a path forward

Instilling positive vibes, that uplift and inspire you


The base is a unique blend of salts, which assist in absorbing any negativity around us, while acting as a carrier.  Enriched with a blend of spices , used for centuries to attract wealth and good fortune. Then the whole blend is enriched with our Ultimate Manifest Blend, and a little touch of magic


Citrine attracts prosperity in all its shapes and forms

Carnelian, gifts us the courage to go for our dreams

The crystal is added in the form of Crystal Sand


Simply open you little pot of wonder for a few hours each day

Place it near your work place or besides your bed , or in your living area

Or sat on your desk at work, benefits all around you

Or simply place in your car, can be refreshed as needed, with your fav attraction oil, or our Ultimate Manifest Blend 

Also   Available in this blend


A unique blend of herbs and oils to cleanse, clear and invoke the energies of manifestation , while you sleep


 An incredible uplifting blend of oils, herbs and spiced, can be used to add an extra touch


Abundance Bracelets


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