The Curse Breaker Spell Kit includes

1 .. Package of Curse Breaking Powder

1 … Package of Psychic Defense   Blend

1 …  Package of Psychic Defense  Bath Salts

1  …  Pouch of Protective Crystals

1   …   Spray of  Psychic Defense Oil

1   …  Symbol of Metatron

1   …  Aura Cleanse Soap in pouch

Detailed instructions for use



Into our lives from time to time , there are times when we ‘feel’ cursed, stuck, blocked or generally like we are swimming in an ocean of negative energy

I have been asked many, many times for help in lifting this ‘curse’ and so I bring you the Curse Breaker  Spell Kit

A combination of knowledge and ancient wisdom, presented in an easy to use modern way

Now YOU can rest easy that you have control of your life and living space

Each step of the creation has been created with love and Typsy [a touch of Gypsy Magic]

The herbal blend has married energies for many moons

Herbs and spices have been infused in oils and blessed over many months

Each and every part of the process has been a long journey to perfection

Weight 0.500 kg


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