Crystal Pouch Love

Includes Postage
How To Use
These crystals have been chosen and blessed with an ancient chant
To open the doors to the vibration of Love
!. Hang in the car
2. Carry in bag or pocket
3. Hang on inside of front door
4. Place by the bed
5. Crystals can be added to the bath
6. Crystals can be added to water bottle
Let the energies speak to you


Ancient people knew the value held within the Earth and the stones that were gifted.  Amulets and Talismans more often than not contained crystals

We now have an awareness that everything carries a certain vibration, and by bringing these vibrations into contact with our own vibration, we increase and grow

These crystals are chosen for their ability to enhance and invite the energies of love into your life

They have been blessed with ancient secret rites and bathed in the vibration of Love

Promotes Fidelity
Promotes positive Life Choices
Soothes and assists balancing unsolved emotions
Allows deep emotional healing and inspires Self Love
Ignites passion and desire
Carry with you in your pocket or bag
Place beside your bed, or in your pillow
Hang pouch from your front door handle
Or bedroom door if sharing accommodation.
Can add zing to a bath or hung from shower head.
Imagination and Creativity are the keywords


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