This is a cycle which you can stamp your signature on.  The time has come to get up and make things happen. The background slog has been done and planning gone over and over, time to take that leap of faith and follow through

RELATIONSHIPS: Things will come to a head in some areas, but grow in others.  There’s a need to take inventory so to speak, who supports you and who does not.  Sometimes we have to cull those who not only lean on us, but expect/demand, all of our time and attention

FINANCES: For some the turn of fortune is waiting for you to reach out and grab the opportunity.  For others, it is time to create a space to grow from, because you can


Colour Blue    Crystal Pyrite 


 Change can only happen if and when you decide which way to go.  Time to stop the whole procrastination shebang, and just decide.   Simply chose and do something, anything to get the ball rolling.  

RELATIONSHIPS: A  little bit of unease can be a good thing, depending on how you view it. If something or someone feels uncomfortable, delve into the why.  Clearing the air and being upfront and open, will give you clear indications of how to move forward

FINANCES: Not a time to go on that massive spending spree, you could be planning, however small indulgence’s will keep you satisfied.  There’s a need to review and re-set some financial commitments, and to check all documents 


Colour  Lavender    Crystal   Citrine 


Stepping out of a comfort zone, may feel a bit strange, however, it is necessary, so that you are able to seek new horizons.  Impatience needs to be controlled, as everything has it’s own agenda, and you can’t rush some things , even if you feel the need. Take time to review and plan

RELATIONSHIPS: Step carefully with the feelings of those around you, some are extremely fragile.  Try not to get emotionally traumatised by the response of some, they are not thinking straight, so give everything and everyone time to balance.  You need to be that silent shoulder right now

FINANCES: About steady is the best you can say at this time, however, before this month is through, there are opportunities to re-adjust income levels. Some may be researching and booking a mini trip, which is well needed and deserved


Colour  Pink   Crystal Rose Quartz


Responsibility is the keyword at this time, responsibility to yourself and to others.  Some will need to deal with past issues once and for all.  While others will be setting a new process in motion, either way the responsibility falls to you.  Being all things to all people is not working right now, you need to focus and deal with what you can

RELATIONSHIPS: Holding on to past resentments and drama, will only prolong the inevitable.  Time to step up or totally step back.  Not an easy choice, but a necessary one.  Short time pain could prevent long term unhappiness.  Remember you need to own your stuff

FINANCES: Things are travelling pretty good for some, and a tad shaky for others.  Now is a time to take control of all financial matters, and ask for what you need. Helping others is fine as long as you are aware of the truth behind the situation.  Some times support is better than cash, think things through clearly


Colour Orange   Crystal Carnelian


Time to stick to a plan of action, and do whatever it takes to be assured of future security.  Friendships built now, have the opportunity for longevity and lots of fun.  Allow time to simply chill and do your thing , 

RELATIONSHIPS: Well my goodness are you in for a busy month, it appears you are everyone’s mate, relax and enjoy.  Stress could appear around family relationships, but ask yourself, do you really need to buy into the drama.  Nothing changes, no matter what you do

FINANCES: Finally things seem to be hitting a steady point in this area, but don’t go wild, you’re not out of the woods just yet.  Time for some insight into where you will be down the line and a financial plan put in motion.  Be clear on what your true value is and work from there


Colour Green   Crystal Malachite


Challenges may feel like they are coming from every direction, which is great in one way, you simply need to learn to prioritize and deal with things on a level of importance.  Often that importance is delegating time for family and self

RELATIONSHIPS: Taking the time to re-new and/or re-build is the best direction at this time.  There are so many exciting and interesting things to learn about and share with those close to you, it is time.  Take time to get to know people again or on a deeper level

FINANCES: For some it could appear the magic bullet to success has finally arrived, while others are feeling a bit cautious about taking chances.  Either way, this cycle brings long lasting possibilities, you are the only one that can make them happen.  Take a chance, open the door and fly


Colour Gold   Crystal  Diamond


 Standing your ground has brought you to a place of new understanding and acceptance of the self and others.  Now, this process needs to expand into embracing new directions, and releasing self doubt.  You are doing what is needed, to secure your sanity 

RELATIONSHIPS: Family and business relationships come under the microscope at this time, it is all about highlighting the pros and cons, then making choices.  While some reach out, others may feel to be drifting away, decide what you want to do about it.  Rekindle or release

FINANCES: A  little bit up and down, but not a huge drama.  Some ventures will take wings, while others need a lot more thought and consideration.  Try to balance the books, before jumping in the deep end and incurring further debt or commitment


Colour Brown    Crystal Obsidian


There are many issues that come to a head during this cycle, and you will simply need to deal with them, head on.  The time has come to put a course of action into motion, and follow through.  Some things are out of your control, so, deal with what you can. One step at a time

RELATIONSHIPS: Things could be a little shaky with family relationships, try and understand where they are coming from,  caring sometimes looks and sounds like something totally different.  Romance has a few special spots for some, enjoy

FINANCES: Well, they could be better, and you may need to take some steps to re-evaluate the situation.  However, there are opportunities for changes in the near future.  Not a time to take any risks financially , things are simply to shaky


Colour  Burgandy    Crystal Garnet


Steady, steady one step at a time, and you will get there.  It feels like the end is near for a particular project, but in a good way.  It may be time to plan a celebration, and move forward.  Time to consider a few options and see where you can make viable adjustments 

RELATIONSHIPS: Could be a little bit shaky from time to time.  You may need to ask are you expecting to much, are you available or are other commitments taking up your time and energy.  This could be a time to prioritize significant relationships 

FINANCES: Whoo things are looking up and not before time, take the time to enjoy a little break from financial stress.  There is a need to commit to a plan of saving for future security at this time.  Remember from acorns, oak trees grow, starting small is good 


Colour Grey    Crystal  Smoky Quartz


Allowing others to over step your boundaries is one thing, allowing them to get away with it quite another matter.  You may find yourself needing to ask some people to step back or to clarify their intentions .  Not an easy conversation, but absolutely necessary

RELATIONSHIPS: Love/hate seems to sum things up nicely, one day things are great, next day , well .  There are times when it is better to simply sit back and allow things to unfold.  Naturally there’s a need to make sure you are not being taken advantage of , or living under someone else’s demands or expectations.

FINANCES: Well, some things just need to be accepted, there’s little you can do about the finances right now, but things will improve before the month is done.  During this period it is best to be a little conservative with spending, and making commitments


Colour Yellow    Crystal  Tourmaline 


Try to get involved with life again,  it is time to expand horizons and be open to having fun and connection.  This time is about believing in yourself, and taking things forward.  Stepping out of your own way, while not easy, is the key to success

RELATIONSHIPS: Taking care of primary relationships is essential, your companions are not mind readers.  Also time to focus on the self relationship.  Are you being good to you?, are you putting time and energy aside for yourself?  By taking a step back from demanding relationships, may give you a deeper insight into what needs change and what needs to be nurtured

FINANCES: Up and down, same old, same old, but at least there will be no nasty surprises.  Care needs to be taken if planning a future move, check all the expectations plus look out for added or hidden costs. A review of bills and invoices may prove beneficial


Colour Saffron  Crystal  Amber


This is a time to get things in some form of order, to  deal with things that have been neglected or overlooked.  You, have the time to make choices around where you truly want to be and how you are going to get it to happen.  Asking for advice and assistance, never killed anyone, give it a try

RELATIONSHIPS: Communication and understanding are the keys to healing rifts, and allowing things to grow. Keeping your peace is one thing, shutting others out , definitely another matter. This time offers opportunity to open doors to new ways of dealing with people and situations

FINANCES: Better than you expect, if you are committed to a reasonable existence.  Crying for the moon, won’t change a thing,, outside of making your life miserable.  Being open and aware of opportunities, could show you a better way.. not a time to commit to added investments


Colour  Sky Blue     Crystal  Blue Lace Agate