Crystals and Gardens

Crystals and plants have a natural harmonic connection.

Use the Crystal Soup to fertilize your plants.

Add a few crystals around the garden to add more beauty.

Be very careful using clear quartz as the sun can activate a fire reaction and we need to preserve not destroy.

Solid colours are best for gardens as is Rose Quartz.

Place a mix of stones on top of planted pots.

Not only do they look fabulous, they add healing energies for the plant and the surrounding


Hanging Lead Crystals illuminates your space with rainbows.

Prepare a space on your outdoor table for and arrangement of crystals.

Again you are limited only by your imagination

Personally, I do not like to bury stones in the earth but for a sick plant it helps to place a few stones either in the pot with them, or around them if in the ground.

I never dig them up again….. If they want to re surface, they will.

Fish ponds benefit from the addition of Rose Quartz or Amethyst … they assist in water purification.

Fairy gardens should always have a good scattering of crystals so the elementals can play;

It also assists in

attracting them to your space.