What is Alira Light?

Alira Light is a unique Intelligent energy. It creates a dance of harmony, between the client and the cosmos. It incorporates the genius of Nikola Tesler, to amplify healing sessions by as much as 50 times. Alira Light creates a space for deep healing … detoxification … regeneration at cellular levels. It is a slow release energy that functions on multiple levels for many weeks.  Alira enhances the power and energies of all healing modalities.  Alira connects us at deep levels to our deepest reality, allowing us to access knowledge of who we are, where we came from, and enlightens our journey Home


My journey to the unveiling of this incredible energy began many years ago, probably long before I became aware of its existence

My connection to this land and its people have grown and deepened through the years I have walked , and opened up to the joys and wisdom this great lady known as Australia has to offer

She is indeed a great lady, who often, shyly, reveals her beauty, her splendor, and rejoices in her mystery and power

Other times she revels in her glory, in a daring display of uninhibited splendor, wild, exciting, challenging and undeniable sensual

However, persistence and patience are the keys to exploring all she has to offer

Gently and slowly, I became aware of the deep heartbeat of this land, and steadily step by step became attuned to and accepted by her and hers

There have been many moments when the light bulb shone bright and many more of confusion and uncertainty

However, around 5/6 years ago it all began to gel and take shape and form

In a midwest town in WA, I was introduced to an amazing energy link, in respect of the people who guided me, this place and their names must remain private… for it may not yet be time for the world to be sharing, just yet

My experience of the energy in many spots was intense, learning and confirming

Over visits I was deeply connected and given answers and direction

Which led to the connection between the power symbols embedded within the Earth, to the Pleadian connection, to the legends of the Sisters

Working with this energy is deeply humbling and incredibly empowering

Through channelled sessions and meditation, this has grown and developed into a return of a powerful energy source

Each healing is also a planetary healing

The channeling continues and gifts some amazing deeply profound information

Which together with Alira creates the Path of Love

Join the Alira Light Healing List for FREE Each Tuesday evening, Maggie and some of Australia’s best healers come together to work with the energy of Alira Light and offer blessings and healing to those who need it most. To be included in these remote beautiful healing sessions, simply email Maggie your name and the names of those who you wish to have included on the list. You do not need to be present or connected in anyway to Maggie during the sessions.


By joining the list, you will be included automatically. you can join from anywhere in the world. These healing sessions are powerful beyond belief. .