The ancients would tumble out of hibernation, seeking the healing energy of the “Green Kingdom” and we are no different

During our winter season, for one reason or another we have been in a kinda hibernation, and , now comes the time to open our minds and hearts to new energy but also to deal with what our bodies are crying out for

Did you over indulge over the winter, comfort foods , are so satisfying and during lock-downs,  it has been way to easy to bake, cook, the smell of that slow cooker… well enough already

Like our ancestors we are coming back to Spring with hope in our hearts and the will do deal with the diet issues … well maybe… well might start next week… well well well… guess what we could follow this thinking clear through to next winter


We could welcome a Spring Clean with a pot of Morning Glory Tea

This refreshing, re-balancing tea, comes into its own at this time of the year

Enjoy sipping hot to begin the day… mornings still have a chill in the air

Cold through out the day, to assist hydration levels and to clear and cleanse an overloaded system

Evenings , curl up with a hot cuppa plus the added benefit of a good honey,  to gently end the day and ease you into a restful sleep


I have always loved the amazing energies of the herb kingdom

The magical thing with herbs, is they are available to assist us on all levels

Body, Mind and Spirit

Herbs hold their integral self no matter what form we choose to accept them in

Fresh, dried, cooked, oils, tinctures, the list is endless, they hold the energy and magic properties

Each herb, carries its own signature , physically and magically

Morning Glory was gifted to me, via a channelled session many years ago

I was instructed to daily drink the green blend

Now that I am , it is a delight to begin the day with this refreshing, energizing blend

At the time I was directed to use this blend every day for a month

The first week, is about releasing stagnant energies within the body

The following three weeks are about the rebuilding, re-energizing, re-vitalizing A beautiful way to begin a new day


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