I have always loved the amazing energies of the herb kingdom

The magical thing with herbs, is they are available to assist us on all levels

Body, Mind and Spirit

Herbs hold their integral self no matter what form we choose to accept them in

Fresh, dried, cooked, oils, tinctures, the list is endless, they hold the energy and magic properties

Each herb, carries its own signature , physically and magically

Morning Glory was gifted to me, via a channelled session many years ago

I was instructed to daily drink the green blend

Now that I am , it is a delight to begin the day with this refreshing, energizing blend

At the time I was directed to use this blend every day for a month

The first week, is about releasing stagnant energies within the body

The following three weeks are about the rebuilding, re-energizing, re-vitalizing A beautiful way to begin a new day


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