Make Your Own Kinda Magic

1 hour @ A$200.00
There are times when we may feel the need for that little bit extra, that magic boost, to get things moving in a positive direction
To open doorways for powerful new energies to enter your life, we can have-a-chat and discover the best option forward’
You will receive guidance, direction and a personalized Spell kit . with step by step guidance. Love, money, Peace you name it, we can source the best option for YOU


Now, as in ages past, many are drawn to the mystery and magic that is unique to the Gypsy people
Under the cloak of darkness, mistress and maid alike, were drawn to seek the wisdom and guidance of these colourful people
Caught by the passion of their music
Drawn by the glow of their fires
Enchanted by their dance

Each seeking the magical wisdom and gifts
To bring Love, or to open the closed heart
To regain peace in the home, or workplace
To reverse a curse
To ‘lift’ the shadow of bad luck

Each came with hearts filled with hope
And still they come, down through the centuries to this present time
And still we the ‘People of the Stars’ share our gifts, our culture, our magic

There comes a time in all our lives when we could do with a little help
Magic is a potent way to create change and open doors to new opportunities and possibilties
In real time, a spell or crafting or working… is best performed by the person involved
With this in mind
Allow me to be your guide
We can create your miracle
Open up the doors to other dimensional realities

!. A one on one chat to decide EXACTLY what will bring YOU the best results
2. I create a spell JUST FOR YOU.. tailored to YOUR specific needs

The cost of consult is $200
Cost of spell will be discussed during the consultation

You will receive
All ingredients
A personalized POWERFUL spell

Let your DREAM become a REALITY


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