Crystal Rose a soap of Enchantment



Created to release the romance of your soul

A delightful blend   Rose oil …  Cardamon oil  …  a hint of Sandalwood oil and a sprinkle of Rose petals

Uplifted by the essence of Rose Quartz and blessed with a little Typsy   {touch of gypsy magic}

Release your inner romantic






Crystal Rose  A Soap of Enchantment

For centuries we  have connected the rose with love and wellbeing

Gifted it the attention as a flower of enchantment

Now we have blended the essence of Rose , with the spice of Cardamon , a tantalizing hint of Sandalwood

Embedded the energies of Rose Quartz in the form of Crystal sand

To bring you this enchanted gift

Indulge your senses, allow the essence of romance to awaken in your soul

Be the dreamer, the romantic, reaching within to discover who you are

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